What are Trade Alerts?

Trade Alerts are free updates on topics such as trending products, buying requests and supplier information - sent directly to your email inbox. They include information on:

  • New products
  • Trends and demand
  • Supplier information
  • The latest buying requests

The Latest Trade Information: Personalized updates on newly added products, company listings and buying requests on Alibaba.com. You can choose the products you’re interested in and set your email preferences.


Popular Trends: Updated information on popular and fast growing products from your selected industries.

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Besides, there are the three types of information available from Trade Alert: Products, Companies, and Buying request.


A Product is a listing from suppliers containing product images, specifications and descriptions. Product listings are displayed online 24 hours a day all year round


Basic business information of companies. It includes: Type of business, size and scope of operations, staff and facility information, certifications and awards, third-party verified company information, i.e. TrustPass® Profile (if applicable), key products and primary market(s).

Buying request

A buying request is an offer from a buyer to suppliers. The buyer tells suppliers exactly what they want to buy and suppliers can send quotes if they feel they can meet the request

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