• Is there any limitation on the shipping address if I want to use the 50% OFF Express service?
  • Can I enjoy the transaction fee discount if I make payment using other currency except USD?
  • When can I collect and use 10% OFF Coupons?
  • Who will bear the discount amount of 10% OFF coupon?
  • Can I enjoy the transaction fee discount if I refuse to link and save a new credit/debit card to account?
  • Where can I get the 10% off coupons?
  • Can I still use the coupon if I cancelled the order?
  • Which carriers (“Shipping Option”) are available for promotion?
  • How can I use the 10% OFF Coupons?
  • How many 10% OFF coupons can I collect?
  • Can I use the 10% off coupons for all products during the promotion?
  • How many orders can enjoy the 50% OFF Express service discount?
  • How can I enjoy the 50% off Express service?
  • How can I know whether one product is available in 10% OFF discount promotion?
  • How can I find suppliers from country of origin?
  • What are the advantages of products offered by suppliers from a particular country in National Pavilion?
  • What benefits can I get in March Expo?
  • Who is qualified for the transaction fee discount promotion?
  • Can I enjoy the transaction fee discount if I have full-amount-refunded order before?
  • What is the 10% OFF Coupon validity period?
  • Can I still enjoy the transaction fee discount if I failed in the first payment attempt?
  • How to check my coupons collected?
  • Why cannot I use the 10% OFF coupon for my order?
  • How to find all benefits in March Expo?
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