How to upgrade my Aliprotect account?

I.IPP Platform Enhancements

Alibaba is committed to IP protection as represented in the diverse IP protection systems developed for the Alibaba Group platforms. To further improve rights holders' experience in safeguarding your IPRs on our platforms, Alibaba Group is further enhancing the IPP Platform by integrating various IP protection systems into a consolidated system that will be located at: (“the IPP Platform”).

Rights holders can now uniformly register and sign-in the IPP Platform, which supports the IP protection, enforcement systems, and notice and take-down systems for multiple platforms, including,,,, and

Essentially, the enhancement is intended to merge and integrate the AliProtect® and TaoProtect® IP protection and notice and take-down systems as fully as possible into a consolidated Alibaba Group IP Protection Platform. As for the existing users of AliProtect® (, you need to login to AliProtect® and complete the account upgrade process, thus becoming the users of the IPP Platform.

II.Overview of Upgrade Process for Existing Users

.Upgrade Process Explanation

Scenario One:

Accounts under the same complainant name on both platforms can be merged.

If an IPRs-holder (complainant) has registered AliProtect® and IPP accounts under the same name in both IPP system and AliProtect® systems, it is suggested that the rights-holder merge the two accounts. Once the accounts have been merged, the account which was originally registered in IPP platform will become the unified registered account for the enhanced IPP Platform. The IPRs documents in the two accounts will be uniformly managed in the enhanced IPP platform, IPRs with the same "IPR registration number" in AliProtect® as  "registration number" in IPP system will be merged, and the other IPRs will be synchronized and added to the IPP Platform without affecting the relevant complaint records.

Scenario Two:

A single AliProtect® or TaoProtect® account can be upgraded.

If your account meets any of the following two conditions, please choose to directly upgrade the account:

1)You have one account only for the AliProtect® system: such AliProtect® account can be upgraded by the rights holder.

2)You have one account only for the TaoProtect® system: such TaoProtect® account can be upgraded by the rights holder.

After your account(s) has(have) been upgraded under the above circumstances, they/it will support the submission of IP notice and take-down requests/infringement complaints across the following Alibaba Group platforms:,,,, and

Scenario Three:

If the system indicates that the email account registered on AliProtect® or TaoProtect® has also been registered for use on other platform(s) of Alibaba Group, you will need to use another mailbox to upgrade the aforementioned email account of AliProtect® or TaoProtect® accordingly, then the new mailbox shall be used to login to the new IPP Platform, without affecting the previously submitted IPR and complaint records in the original respective account of AliProtect® or TaoProtect®.

Ⅳ.After the Upgrade is Completed

1)Complete the Contact Information:

2)IPR Management:

The IPRs marked with “NEW” as shown above are synchronized from the AliProtect platform.


  • Documents that have been submitted into the AliProtect® Intellectual Property Management Platform but not yet approved (i.e. “draft” documents) will not be migrated to the new system during the account upgrade and merging process. Please save any draft documents in your own device or submit them for approval before the system upgrade.

3)Daily IPR Complaint:

Ⅴ.Contact Us:

If you encounter any problems during the upgrade process, you may contact us through our customer service hotlines or online enquiry channels on all platforms as below. You may also contact us via email: . consulting channel:

Domestic member: Online chat consulting
Overseas member: Online chat consulting consulting channel:

Domestic member: Online chat consulting
Overseas member: Online chat consulting consulting channel:

Service hotline: 400-800-1688              
Online chat consulting consulting channel:             

Service hotline: 0571-88157858           
Online chat consulting

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